Aqua24 – Fully Automatic Water Level Controller With 20 Meter Cable


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1. Water Motor Pump switch on and Switch off automatically
2. Dry run (pump working without water flowing to tank) detection and automatic switch off Motor
3. Low voltage Protection (If low voltage, then automatic power off motor)
4. Fully Manual switch for using the motor if device having any trouble
5. Semi-manual switch (manual switch on and automatic switch off)
6. Stylish design and high quality Plastic body.
7. Sensors with 20 meter cable included.

Note: Aqua24 device bundled with 20 meter high quality water proof cables and sensors. So there is no additional requirements. You can directly fit the device with or without electrician help. Electrician can simply fit the device by referring the instruction manual provided with the box. It your choice to select the length of sensor cable (depend upon the length between your motor switch and water tank).

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm


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